What makes Gro Baby Clock so amazing!


Grobag Gro-Clock is a lifesaver for mothers who find it hard to schedule their baby’s sleep time. For all those who can’t seem to figure out how to make their babies sleep and wake-up on time, Gro Clock is what they need.

There are many features that make this product tick (pun intended). Let’s see what features make this product so amazing.


First of all the clock allows you to set flexible sleeping and waking up times for your baby. These would be afternoons and evenings or afternoons and nights. The glowing screen on the clock shows images of stars and suns to communicate the ‘sleep’ and ‘wake-up’ time. The stars shine brighter if the baby is not to be disturbed and needs more sleep. When the full smiling sun glows on the screen it is time for the child to wake up. You can set the timings according to the routine of your household and what suits you the best.  This will help schedule a proper sleeping pattern for the baby which will make sure that the baby gets the required hours of sleep and wakes up fresh.

Secondly the clock isn’t like those boring mechanical ones that babies just throw around. The clock is cute with all the images of stars and suns and the glowing light which attract the baby towards it and make for a good addition in a baby’s nursery.


The clock also comes with a free story book called the sleepy farm. This story book has fun animal illustrations to it which the baby can look at and the mother can read the story to him/her to make them fall asleep peacefully. Along with peaceful nights, the story books are also informational and can be used to educate the little ones about animals and different colors.

This particular Grobag Gro-clock is very user-friendly in the sense that It allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen according to what you believe is suitable for the baby and you. If the screen is glowing too bright and the baby finds it uncomfortable you can always lessen it.


The Grobag Gro-clock also has an option of an audible alarm feature which you can set to help the baby wake-up. If you feel the baby needs a little more help in waking up then the alarm will do the job. You can set the sound to whatever volume you think will suit your baby the best.

All these reasons make this product a hit among mothers and will make their lives a whole lot easier.

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