Uses of different types of pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy Pillow

There are many types of pregnancy pillow that can be used by the pregnant ladies, it solely depends on their personal preferences and the situation they’re in, whatever suits them best.

Different pregnancy pillow serve different purposes and there is a proper way to use them to get the best results.

The pillows include pregnancy wedge pillows, round pregnancy wedge pillow, triangle pregnancy wedge pillow, flexible full-length pregnancy pillow, full-length pregnancy pillow, total protection pregnancy pillows, U-shaped total protection pregnancy pillows and C shapes total protection pregnancy pillows.

Pregnancy Pillow

How to use the different types of pregnancy pillows:

  • Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

As the name says it all, the wedge shape of the pillow is made so you can slide it under your back or tummy to get support and lift. These pillows are quite popular among pregnant women who make use of them after giving birth as well. Pregnancy pillow are great for normal use too such as getting comfortable while watching the television.

Pregnancy Pillow

The Wedge can be used in different positions;

Under the tummy – The wedge provides support to your stomach and spreads out your weight evenly to feel balanced.

Behind the back – Pregnant women suffer through back aches due to supporting a lot of weight. Maternity Pillow behind the back can help soothe the pain and have a peaceful sleep.

Under your regular pillow –Laying flat on the bed can sometimes cause heartburn and nausea for pregnant women and so propping this pillow under your regular one can elevate the head preventing you from all these problems.

  • Full-Length Pillow

Are you looking for a cuddle buddy that is at your service 24/7? If yes then the full length pillow is the anwer. Because this pillow runs down the length of your body it allows you to cuddle with it. These come in straight full length one anf the flexible ones which are more popular as they can form any shape you want.

Pregnancy Pillow

  • Total Protection Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnant women need total protection and safety night and pregnancy pillow provides just that. This pillow will cover your entire body making you feel secure. There are different versions of this available such as the C and U shape.

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