What to look for, when you’re buying a baby pillow/cot pillow?

Baby Pillow

The nursery looks amazing if the cot is embellished with a beautiful bedding set, but what’s more important is the choice of the materials and fabrics that are being used in them. when it comes to choosing the perfect pillow for your baby’s cot, a few things must be considered.

Look Out For Quality

When you’re investing in a baby product, particularly for the bedding, you must check the quality first. A quality assurance is must because your precious little one is going to sleep on them for a while and his/her skin, neck and head must be at ease.

At Mybabystore online store, only the best quality products are being sold to the precious customers. At Mybabystore, we have the best cot pillow made from the finest materials. These cot pillow meet the requirements of the international standards of manufacturing.

Baby Pillow

Never Ignore The Softness

You touch a rose and its petals remind you of a baby’s cheek. Well, the iconic softness of a baby’s skin and body demands gentle care which is why the most prominent feature of a cot pillow must be its fluff and softness. Being a parent you must carefully check the softness of a cot pillow before buying it. A soft cot pillow is inevitable for a good night’s sleep.

Go For The Best Brands

Buying a Soft and resilient Baby pillow could seem a little difficult, but when you’re buying from a competent and reliable source then you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Mybabystore online store makes sure that their clients buy only the best quality of pillows. Mybabystore sell products by only the leading brands of Australia such as Bubba Blue, Love To Dream, Skip Hop, Penguin Nation and Grobag. All of these brands are acclaimed and trusted by thousands of customers.

Baby Pillow

Check For The Allergies

Another aspect that you should never ignore is the allergies and sensitivity of your baby’s skin. Always see a doctor if your baby has any kind of allergies or skin problems. If he/she does, then you must go for cotton or breathable baby pillow only. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and airy. At Mybabystore online store bamboo and other pillows are available. These pillows are germ free and are safe for the baby’s skin and head.

Does my baby really need a pillow?

Baby Pillow

A For a perfect sleep everybody needs the perfect equipment. The bedding is incomplete without a soft and supporting pillow. Babies are no exception, in fact, they need sleep even more than adults. Babies are accustomed to long sleep since the womb. This long hours sleep is inevitable for them after birth as well. Primarily because they are delicate and their little bodies get exhausted quickly and subsequently they require sleep. And secondly, for a healthy growth, they must rest considerably. A baby pillow is therefore not an option but a necessity for your baby.

Why is a baby pillow made up of?

A Since babies’ skin is ultra-gentle.And every item in the nursery must be safe and soft for the baby. Baby Pillows are made up of soft and fluffy material. At Mybabystore online store, baby pillows are available by the best brands, brands which produce baby pillows made from the finest materials such as bamboo. The bamboo fabric is breathable and hypoallergenic which keeps the baby’s skin and neck safe from germs and allergies. These pillows keep the baby hydrated during sleep.

Baby Pillow

How long should I use a Baby Pillow? When should I switch to a regular pillow?

A Baby pillows can be used until you feel that your child can sleep on them. It depends on the durability of the pillow. Baby Pillows that are not sold by the certified brands usually don’t offer much. However, switching to a regular pillow is not entirely a matter of choice; it’s a matter of convenience too.

When the baby needs more room for his/her neck then it’s time to change the pillow. Mybabystore has the perfect bedding accessories for your babies. At Mybabystore, we have baby pillows by Australia’s most trusted and loved brands. These pillows are made to endure for the longest time.

Baby Pillow

What we need to Care Of The Baby Pillows?

A The Cot Pillow is special and delicate as they are created for the comfort of the baby. It is essential to take extra care of them. Cot Pillows come with instructions for their cleaning and care. Depending on the materials used, the instructions may vary. Being a parent you must follow the instructions carefully. When your baby’s sleep is at stake, leave no caution behind. At Mybabystore online store, all baby pillows are made by the best-selling brands and all of them come with handling and care instructions

Baby Pillows; More Than A Nursery Accessory

Baby Pillow

Parents look out for the best accessories for their baby’s nursery and indeed their rooms should be oriented well. Moms want their baby’s room full of exquisiteness and they opt for the cutest looking accessories. From bedding to paints to curtains, they want perfection. After all, who wouldn’t want a compliment from friends and relatives?

But one thing that serves beauty and comfort equally well is a baby pillow. Sleep is baby’s favorite resort, little babies sleep up to 18 hours in their earliest days. And it is mandatory for the parents to provide a safe and sound sleep for their baby. These pillows are soft and designed to deliver comfort and support to the baby’s neck. Mybabystore online store has the best variety of baby pillows from the leading brands. At Mybabystore online store we understand the importance of your baby’s safety and comfort and hence we sell only the highest quality baby pillows.

Baby Pillow

If you think that pillows are just an accessory, a piece of bedding which only enhances the beauty of the nursery, then think again. Babies are also exposed to neck ache and muscle strains. Also, their bodies are fragile; a little pain can wake them up in the middle of the night. But the soft and fluffy baby pillow can assure you that your baby will sleep a peaceful, pain-free and uninterrupted sleep. These are specially designed for babies. Their shape and design is created to give support to the neck and head of the baby. The baby feels relaxed and his/her body remains at ease. Not only that the baby pillows promise a healthy sleep, they ensure a better growth.

Baby Pillow

Pediatricians suggest that besides food and nutrition, sleep also plays a vital role in the baby’s growth. The bones and muscles grow well only when they have been rested enough. Due to all these critical factors, make sure that being a parent you never underestimate the importance of a Cot pillow. Don’t just buy them for decorative purposes; utilize them for the health of your baby. At Mybabystore online store, a wide collection of baby Cot pillow is available for parents who want the best for their babies. Mybabystore has been a favorite of millions of people due to their irresistible products and their cooperative services. If you’re looking to buy the perfect cot pillows for your baby, your ultimate shopping destination should be Mybabystore.

When to start using Baby Pillows: Guide

Baby Pillow

There are some reasons behind not giving your child a regular pillow that adults use, since it’s not news that babies are very fragile and more sensitive than grown-ups are, it leads us to the fact that babies need a customized product for their needs, that matches their requirements. It goes the same way for the baby pillow children use.

There are a thousand benefits to a baby pillow and it’s famous as well as appreciated for some valid reasons.

A baby pillow has to be satiny smooth, soft and fluffy so the baby can indulge in the warmth, it gives off the same feelings such as a womb’s comfort and let the world tell you, to feel safe and secure is a baby’s most important need. A baby has to be assured that he’s protected and shielded, he needs to depend on someone.

Baby Pillow


These pillows come out to be companions for your little angel, these pillow give him a safe sleep throughout the night, where he does most of his growing.

A parent needs to buy the baby pillow of the highest quality for their children that are free of harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. A baby product has to be organic, made with absolutely natural substances that aren’t harmful in the least.

A regular pillow is designed to support a adult but a baby doesn’t have the same proportions as a grown up does, so the support of his neck and back needs to be styled in a entirely different manner. Continuous strain on a baby’s back, neck or any part of the body will result in health issues as well as sleepless, restless and uneasy nights. Which is not good for the baby at all. Pillow for baby provide your developing little angle baby with the appropriate support it needs.

There have been debates on what the most appropriate age is for a baby to finally start using cot pillow, experts claim it’s when the baby moves from the crib to the bed which is approximately— 18-24 months, to be exact.

But it solely depends on when the baby starts showing signs of discomfort, as if he’s in need of something you can’t figure out. It’s a dead giveaway of something being wrong. If a baby starts using blankets and stuffed toys to rest his head upon, you should head straight for the market and start analyzing to buy the best pillow for your little munchkin!

Primary Benefits of Baby Pillows

Baby Pillows

  • Baby pillows aren’t only used for nap times when your baby needs something comfy to lean and go to sleep, these baby pillows can come in handy at random times during long road trips and plane rides. Your child needs the comfort of sleep or else he will fuss around and not behave, to avoid this, baby pillows are an essential to carry around when traveling with kids.
  • A baby room definitely has a theme, when you have designed and found every thing of the baby bedding that matches the theme, you can easily move onto the next step, that’s buying the pillows. Your covers are already available, all you need is a comfy pillow that can help make your child’s night sleep better. Pillows come in a range of colors, shapes, forms, sizes, materials and styles. It depends solely on you what you’re going after. It actually doesn’t matter if you have a theme, the pillow covers with the bedding will go with your pillow to make it all magical in the end.

Baby Pillows

The theme of the room matters so makes sure you keep that in mind as well as buying something of high quality and 100% pure materials.

  • Baby cot pillows don’t only act as a night companion for your kids that helps them have a comfortable sleep all throughout the night until it’s daytime. They also act a decorative item in your kid’s bedroom, some kids even call their pillows their friends since they’re so attached to them. These pillow are a lovely addition to a child’s life. They’re fluffy and so easy to handle. Children are touchy about their pillows and sometimes go to bed for the sake of them alone, otherwise, they give you a tough time sleeping. These pillows help them baby be cheered up and stay active.
  • It’s scientifically proven that children do most of their growing when they’re sleeping so it’s a parent’s job to provide the child with the comfort and peace for a good night’s sleep. There’s no compromise in this situation, their baby deserves the best of the best.

Baby Pillows

The baby nursery pillows needs to be made of 100% pure materials and has to be free of harmful chemicals, an organic product will ensure the child’s safety and health. That’s exactly what a parent needs to be assured of.

Baby Pillows

Cot Pillow help the child grow, they’re like a friendly companion to him.


Baby Pillows

The pillows are important in baby’s  life, as they give comfort during sleep time. The absence of comfortable pillows can prevent your baby from sleeping soundly. Being loyal parents, you should buy right baby care items for ensuring the maximum comfort and ease. Purchase baby pillows online at Mybabystore, if you don’t have good experience of buying pillows from somewhere else. Our pillows for babies work best during their sleeping hours.

Care and comfort are the crucial factors, your baby needs. If your baby doesn’t sleep well, there is something wrong with his bedding accessories. Make it confirm that your baby has a right type of pillow, that soothes his (her) neck and shoulder throughout the night. A rigid and hard pillow stops the free movement of your baby’s head while sleeping, that may stretch the muscles of the head and neck. As a result, your baby wakes up in an irritating or aggressive mood, thus spoiling his mood and remains inactive all the day. Stop relying on local manufacturers for your baby products, just login to our website for getting the best for your baby.

Baby Pillows

Colorful baby bedding and baby accessories, spruce up the entire look of the baby nursery. The little angel love to see the vibrant and funky color products because initially, they observe the things, and having a look at the bright products around your baby makes him happy and engaged. Let’s decorate the crib or cot of your baby with some beautiful colors of baby pillows Australia to give your baby a great deal of time to be entertained. Similarly, the addition of cushions in your baby cot may also give extra comfort and feelings of being secure during their sleep time.

So what are you waiting and looking for? Don’t think too hard about choosing  Cot Pillow as our online store is famous for delivering the best quality baby products to Aussie people. Aussies are very concerned and touchy about their babies, and they definitely bring some extra leisure and comfort to their babies. Now, this is the best opportunity to avail. Grab your desirable cot pillows for your baby’s sweet sleep