Swaddling is the way to go

Love to Dream

Pregnancy is one of the most important and also difficult phases of a woman’s life. This is when she feels the joy of having a baby inside her tummy and also has to deal with all the bodily changes that come along with it. There are friends and family to help along the way but more often than not everybody seems to be giving different advice. Moms, sisters, friends will tell you everything they see, to know about being pregnant and how to take care of the baby later on. One of the most common advice is on the topic of sleeping. And the most famous out of that is swaddling! That is one word you’re going to hear a lot if you’re pregnant or have delivered the baby.

Swaddling is a process where you wrap a baby with a blanket tucking in his/her legs and arms to making him/her feel snug and warm as it will help in having a good night’s sleep. However swaddling isn’t that easy. It is a trial and error process where you have to practice to see what works best for YOUR child as not every technique would work. Then there is the whole issue of finding the perfect swaddle to wrap your baby in.

Love to Dream

So what if we told you there was a brand that did swaddles like no other? Yes Love to Dream is a brand that makes swaddles a little different than what other brands are doing. Love to Dream has incorporated the ‘arms up’ approach in their swaddles as it is known to help babies sleep better. When babies have their arms free they can touch their face and self-soothe which makes them feel more comfortable and eventually puts them to sleep.

Love to Dream

Love to Dream has very intelligently developed a three stage sleeping system to aid mothers in putting their babies to sleep easily. The first is the swaddling stage that goes up till 4 months since birth. Next stage is called transition from swaddling and this goes up till 8 months. The third and final stage is called independent sleep which goes up till 36 months. These stages help mothers purchase the right age appropriate item to put their babies to sleep.

You no longer have to worry about practicing various swaddle techniques because Love to Dream Swaddle is here to solve all your problems!

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