Why do you have to swaddle your baby For giving a warmth feeling

Aden and Anais

Swaddling is an old practice of snugly wrapping the baby in baby swaddle wraps. It is a technique that mimics the warmth of the womb. Aden and Anais brought a unique range of classical swaddles that perfectly designed for your baby. The classical muslin swaddles are breathable and comfy. So you don’t worry about how many times you have to wash it. After every wash you will find it more cozy and soft. These products are available at my baby store at a single click.

The colors are soft and light to fit in the full baby range of products. The funky elephants are printed on it. As your child opens the eyes, he finds himself in same dreamy place which makes him happy and soothing. Also the more luxurious addition to the comfy swaddle wraps is the lovely companion in the form of stuffy owl. This cuddly companion is your little one’s first friend that will fill the baby’s heart with companionship, love and warmth.

Aden and Anais

Aden and Anais Australia have used the soft and light stuff in baby products that will keep them cool in summer season. It is light weight and made of thinnest cotton yarn. The best property is that it maintains its size, color and brightness after every wash. Swaddle wraps are available in different sizes and colors. Take a look of my baby store, pick your favorite item and place an order. The product will be at your doorstep.

May be you and your baby wants more stuffing lovely bundles. So here baby store presents many cute little fellows for you. The swaddle wraps come with monkeys, flying dogs and yeah your favorite vintage circus loin. Whatever is your choice, the baby store has it. These cuddling companions are little bubbly friends and give your baby a happy feeling when mommy is not around. So be happy we have designed baby products by keeping in view all the comforts, luxuries and happiness of you and your baby. The relaxation is itself a biggest luxury for your child. My baby store swaddle wraps promise the best possible quality fabric with comfort in all seasons.

Aden and Anais Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bags!

Being a mother of a newborn you must be worrying for a nice and comfortable sleep of your baby.  If you are a conscious parent and wants to find something light and cozy for your little one, then Aden and Anais online is your right answer. The baby product range of Aden and Anais   provides you with a variety of sleeping bags. These contemporary, stylish sleeping bags are a perfect match for your baby fashionable life style.

Imagine when the baby is tucked up warm and cozy in our luxury sleeping bags, enjoying a deep sleep, the mom and dad are sleeping better too.

Aden and Anais

The young ones like kicking and stretching at night, leaving them uncovered and uncomfortable. The sleeping bags are light, stretchable and yet a perfect cover for your baby. My baby store comes with the beautiful and stylish sleeping bags designed by Aden and Anais which add style and color to the baby’s surroundings.

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