Pregnancy pillows and their different types:

Pregnancy Pillow

You can guess from the name that the pillow is shaped like a wedge. The Pregnancy pillow is shaped in a way that it goes under your back or tummy, according to your need, to provide the added support and lift that you so badly need to get through the night. This pillow provide a great amount of comfort and is also very reasonably priced. Is that a great steal or what?

  • Round Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Round Pregnancy Wedge Pillow comes under the wedge category but is slightly different. It has the wedge shape but is more rounded and is great for holding ice packs or heating pads against the stomach. It provides great comfort

Pregnancy Pillow

  • Triangle Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

The third type is also a part of the wedge community and resembles a wedge of cheese. You already want to buy it don’t you? The material of Triangle Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is same as of the last two ones but it not that tall. It is compact and provides comfort while not taking up much of your bed space.

  • Full-Length Pregnancy Pillow

If you’re looking for the ultimate fluffy and soft  Maternity Pillows then these are the ones to go for. Made out of 100% cotton these pillows are huge and extremely fluffy. These are also known as body pillows as they go down the length of a grown person.

Pregnancy Pillow

  • Flexible Full-Length Pillow

Full-length body pillows do not offer as much support as the other types of body pillows do to your back. However these pregnancy pillows stay in place and help you be steady, they won’t wriggle or move out place.

  • Total Body Protection Pregnancy Pillow

If you’re looking for a pillow the size of your body then the total body protection one is the one you’re looking for. This pillow measures up tp the length of your body and has a very fluffy feel. This pillow provides great support to your back and tummy as you can curl up inside it. It fully covers the back and the tummy which helps the pain to go away and you to have a good night’s sleep.

Pregnancy Pillow

  • U-Shaped Total Protection Pillow

If you are a steady sleeper who sleeps on their back then you should go for this one. Pregnancy pillow goes in your legs and supports your back so you can easily sleep on your back without feeling uncomfortable.

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