Multi tasked Baby Cot with Change Table by Babyhood Milano

The Babyhood Milano Cot is for the mothers who want a cot, a toddler bed and a sofa bed.


The Milano Cot gives you the functionality of the all these, you can easily convert it into a toddler bed by adding some extra rails in it, remove its front rail it would convert into a bed. You can use it in several ways. The Milano Cot can be adjusted into two base levels, masterly crafted with the quality products to give a classy and trendy appearance. The clear grade New Zealand pine is used in the formation of the cot. To match with your room decoration available in two cool colors White and Walnut.


You can select any of the color according to your room paint requirement. The rails are BPA free so no worries if the baby bites on the rails. You can also add the Babyhood Milano change table with your Milano Cot.


The change table is having the accurate length according to cot. Placing the cot and change table would give an ease to place all the stuff of your baby near and it would give a smart look to the room as well by putting some baby furniture together. The Milano Change table is available in two colors, the White Milano Change Table and Baby Changing Table.


So what you waiting for! Just go and get Babyhood Milano Cot and a Babyhood Milano change table to protect your baby early days by giving a safe, secure and healthy growing.

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