Hooded Baby Towels; Perfect Softness for Your Babies.

Baby Hooded Towels

Bath time is an exciting time for your baby, and you spent a lot of time in choosing the best bubble bath for your baby’s gentle skin. But wait! There’s more that you need to consider, a towel that compliments your little one’s skin. My Baby Store understands the care a baby’s skin needs.

If you want to dry your baby’s skin with the luxurious towel available, My Baby Store will help you in giving your baby a rose like feeling. You can choose from a variety of hooded towels by the most trusted and acclaimed brands.

Hooded Towels

The plush fabrics used in these towels are especially created keeping in view the delicacy of the baby’s skin. You can apply the best baby moisturizer on your baby’s skin after a bath, but it needs to be dried first with a towel as soft as a rose petal. After all, your baby’s skin is precious.  My Baby Store would like to enlighten you why their towels must be your ultimate choice.


These baby face washers are most comforting for your baby. All the brands on My Baby Store emphasize on the comfort factor. They use the softest fabric and feel like rose petals so no harsh effects on the baby’s skin.

Easy to wash

These baby hooded towels Australia are easily washable and come with instructions. They are manufactured with maximum care, so as to restore the soft feeling as soon as the towels are dried.

Hooded Towels

No Harmful Dyes

These towels are available in the most beautiful and attractive colors. But as the baby’s care is the prime concern of all the brands in My Baby Store, no harmful dyes or chemicals are used in their creation.

In fact, they are designed carefully to ensure maximum softness for the baby’s skin.

Highly Absorbent

These hooded bath towels are ultra-absorbent and provide a rose like softness to the baby’s skin after bath. Due to their high absorbing nature, they give a soft touch to the whole body of the baby.

Hooded Towels


These hooded bath towels are durable, and provide the uncompromising soft touch for the longest time. My Baby Store assures the parents that their hooded bath towels will remain a part of their baby’s bathing routine for a very long time, and yet the softness will stay the same.


They provide a cozy feeling to the baby. With bath hooded towels, it’s most convenient to cover the body and the head with the same towel. You can cuddle your baby all you want, with the soft hooded bath towels by My Baby Store.

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