Baby’s Peaceful sleep in Nordica Cot by Bebe care

Baby Furniture

Sleep is something really important for the baby, when it comes to peaceful sleep every mom wants to have the product that can help their bub in healthy sleeping as babies grow and develop better when they have deep sound sleep. Though mothers love to get their babies nearby them during sleep but majority don’t want them to sleep next to them, as there is always a risk of suffocation and shortening of breath to babies due to the folding of sheets and carelessness of the parents. It has been surveyed that babies who sleep next to their parents tend to stay awake for longer spells during night. It also increases the risk of SIDS. It is always better to have a baby nursery or to have a baby furniture next attached to the bed where baby can sleep comfortably without any disturbance.

Baby Furniture

Now-a-days there are multiple options and so many sleeping cots and cribs are available, but my baby store brings you something really superb and adorable for your baby. Grey wash Nordica cot is now in stores by babe care.It is manufactured in Europe and is of extremely high quality. Each and every step in manufacturing is under special supervision in ultra-modern factories. Every point is considered carefully for the baby to have calm and quite sleep. It is made of good quality timber with round dowels, it is convertible in three modes cots, sofas and study is easily adjustable for high and low positions including foam mattresses as well. Its rocking Mechanism is awesome thus make your bub sleep dreamy and sound. It is best suitable for age up to three years. Pocket friendly prices are available on our online “My baby store” along with free delivery.  Our baby furniture category has everything you need for your bub’s nursery. Healthy baby will grow more and thus will have more immunity to different disease, thus health sleep is a blessing and we assure their safe and sound sleep with our awesome product range.


Baby Furniture
Grey Wash Nordica Mini Cot Bebe Care

Cot to be used anywhere

The Ergonomic Baby Cot  has an ergonomic design which comes with stainless steel drop side mechanism. The Ergonomic design makes it more environment friendly for both the baby and the carrier. The drop side mechanism is used to avoid lifting injuries when you transfer children in or out.


The cot can be placed in a small cot room due to its compact size. It has heavy duty lockable castors and easy free access to carrier.  The cot is made with New Zealand clear grade sustainable plantation timber to give you a classy product for long period of time. You can easily move it wherever you want to place it, just drag it and place it to the location where desired.

Add beauty to the Baby’s room

Maya-Cot-Whitte-baby-hoodThe cot with high rounded shape adds beauty to the baby’s room. The high rounded rails where protects your baby but also put a beauty in room as well. Two level base adjustments for your growing baby, smooth single hand drop side for easy access for you. The cot is perfectly designed with New Zealand pine and the material is BPA free, your baby can bite the rails so there would not be any harm for baby. The Cots are in two colors the Babyhood White Maya baby cot and Babyhood Walnut Maya cot. The cot is adjustable at two base levels. It can be converted to toddler bed by adding some extra rails and if you remove the front side it would become to a bed.


Multi tasked Baby Cot with Change Table by Babyhood Milano

The Babyhood Milano Cot is for the mothers who want a cot, a toddler bed and a sofa bed.


The Milano Cot gives you the functionality of the all these, you can easily convert it into a toddler bed by adding some extra rails in it, remove its front rail it would convert into a bed. You can use it in several ways. The Milano Cot can be adjusted into two base levels, masterly crafted with the quality products to give a classy and trendy appearance. The clear grade New Zealand pine is used in the formation of the cot. To match with your room decoration available in two cool colors White and Walnut.


You can select any of the color according to your room paint requirement. The rails are BPA free so no worries if the baby bites on the rails. You can also add the Babyhood Milano change table with your Milano Cot.


The change table is having the accurate length according to cot. Placing the cot and change table would give an ease to place all the stuff of your baby near and it would give a smart look to the room as well by putting some baby furniture together. The Milano Change table is available in two colors, the White Milano Change Table and Baby Changing Table.


So what you waiting for! Just go and get Babyhood Milano Cot and a Babyhood Milano change table to protect your baby early days by giving a safe, secure and healthy growing.