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Baby Play Mat

Baby play mats are one of the most important and versatile baby products out in the market. Baby play mats have massive developmental benefits for your baby and they can also be used for several different purposes. Baby play mats can be used by new born babies and they can also be used by toddlers and some babies enjoy playing in baby gyms even beyond that age. Baby play mats and gyms are a really great addition to your baby’s equipment and they help keep your baby simulated, happy and comfortable.

Baby play mats: Are they worth buying?

Well…! It is a good question. Explained below are some of the most important tasks that are carried out by baby play mats and gyms. Have a little look on them down below and you will know they are totally worth every single cent.

Baby Play Mat

Boost the development of your bub with baby play mats

Psychological development

Babies are small and adorable little beings and they are born with pretty much blank minds hence eager to learn. Infants learn from everything they touch to everything they hear to everything they see. Baby play mats and gyms are a great tool to make your baby learn new stuff and help improve his psychological skills. Baby play mats make your baby learn the principle of cause and effect. Babies interact with toys hanging in the gym and they hit them and as a result they move, sometimes they lit up and sometimes they produce cool music. This encourages your baby to hit them again and again. First time they will hit them accidently and then they will hit them on purpose and hence they learn the principle of cause and effect and this learning is really important in their psychological development.

Baby Play Mat

Visual development

Newborns have very weak sight and they are near sighted, which mean they are not able of see things in distance clearly. This is critical stage in the visual development of your baby.  Providing you baby a contrast of bright colors will help develop his vision rapidly and your baby will learn more and more. These are support baby’s visual perceptual skills. This is because babies prefer objects with highly contrasting colors and baby play mat and gym design usually is a contrast of bright colors.

Baby Play Mat

Gross motor Development

Play mat force your baby to play and move around using his legs and arms and using his arms and legs more often help the development of his muscles. More importantly, theses are encourage your baby to play on his tummy and playing on tummy is really important because it helps toughen the arms, neck and the back. Playing on tummy also helps gross motor development, which includes rolling crawling and walking.

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