How much it feels you adorable when your bub is sleeping peacefully

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All the day you work for your baby like feeding, playing, learning, changing and after all take care throughout a day and at night you are conscious to give a peaceful sleep to your little one and eventually your sleep also belongs to it if your baby is having sweet dreams.
To make it sure, a mom should also select a perfect baby blankets to prevent your baby from SIDS (sudden Infants Death Syndrome) as first 6 months of a baby are too much critical for parents. A blanket should also not only prevent a baby from cold but weight should be appropriate, as sometimes for adults more bedding give a warm and comfortable feel but for babies there should not be too much bedding on them. As I have experienced as well that too much bedding on baby causes a restless sleep.

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Babies are indeed a very delicate being on earth with a very soft skin and as spring is running and there is still much cold at night especially for babies, so blanket should be a part of every baby’s cot or crib.

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– Have sweet dreams with your little one –